Winter is a dreaded time of year – not just because it can be cold, dark and miserable, but because it can affect the body and skin in detrimental ways. One day out in blistering winds can cause cracked lips and a sore, red face, and a frosty morning in freezing temperatures can irritate and dry out the skin, especially the hands. Unfortunately the balmy summer days of golden-blushed faces are behind us for another long season, and we have the make the most of the next few months. With sudden changes in temperatures, moisture-sucking heaters and steamy hot showers, your skin is in for a rollercoaster of ups, downs and extremes over the coming months.
Luckily, the skin experts at Nuriss know just how to keep a glow in the cheeks and pigmentation and dryness at bay for Christmas and the New Year, right up until those first spring days are upon us…

Stay Hydrated

The first thing we forget in winter is that our bodies still need water to function. So many people experience dry skin symptoms during the winter, which are actually just signs that your skin is dehydrated. It is usually caused by forgetting to drink enough fluid, which means simply remembering to drink water should remedy the problem. Skin is made up of 64% water and is one of the first parts of the body to suffer when you’re dehydrated. Insufficient levels of water can cause dullness, fine lines, wrinkles and tightness in the skin. Drinking sufficient amounts of water will plump up the skin, encourage collagen production and help flush out toxins through the pores. All of that will improve elasticity and skin regeneration, and might just fix your dry skin problems if they are just symptoms of dehydration. Men should drink about 2 litres of water per day and women should drink a minimum of 1.6 litres.
Winter Skin Remedies


It can be easy to ignore your skincare needs in the winter when your body is hidden away from the general public, but it is just as important to exfoliate once or twice a week in the cold half of the year as the warmer half. There are a number of ways to exfoliate your skin, from dry skin brushing or using a salted mineral scrub, to shower gloves, luffas or brushes. Exfoliating is extremely important in ridding the skin of dead cells and encouraging the production of healthy, new ones, as well as massaging the lymphatic system and improving circulation. However, just make sure not to use plastic beads when exfoliating, because they can be too rough, plus they are a killer on the environment!

Maintain A Healthy Skincare Routine

Again, we can lose our motivation in the winter to take good care of our skin, but maintaining a healthy skincare routine all-year-round means your skin will be at its absolute healthiest! It is important to wash your face twice a day, starting with cleanser, then toner, and then either a serum or moisturiser. You should have a day cream to apply in the morning and a night cream for the evening. The only difference is, you might have different moisturisers or creams for winter and summer, and a dermatologist can suggest the best products to suit your skin type. In the morning, it is also important to put on sunscreen, even in the winter!

Feed Your Skin

One of the absolute hardest things to maintain during the cold winter months is a healthy diet. Our bodies are crying out for warm, hearty meals, and we can forget to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. It is so important to continue feeding your skin with healthy nutrients through food during the winter, and that is the best way to maintain the beautiful glow your skin usually radiates during the summer!
Skin Healthy Food

Use A Night Mask

This one is a lifesaver for people who suffer from dry skin in the winter, but it’s best to avoid it if your skin is of the oily persuasion. Night masks should be used once or twice a week, depending on the health and dryness of your skin. Nuriss’s Turn Back Time Overnight Stem Cell Mask helps open pores in the top skin layers so that its anti-ageing ingredients can work in the deeper layers. It uses a powerful mixture of plant-based stem cells, including Acai Palm, Chinese Basic and White Oak to remedy and feed the skin. That way, instead of waking up with dull, wintery skin, you will wake up with a beautiful, healthy glow and soft, smooth skin!
Nuriss has a range of medically-designed products that keep the skin healthy during even the harshest of winters. However, if you find the winter just destroys your complexion, make an appointment with one of our leading dermatologists to find out the best way to treat your skin this winter.