Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis is the medical name for this condition, which affects three percent of the population. Sweating is a normal physiological process, that assists the body with temperature regulation.When people sweat too much, however, it can be embarrassing, with sufferers having to change their clothing several times a day.

Sufferers have a normal number of sweat glands but their sympathetic response is higher. This means that when they begin to sweat, they overproduce sweat for reasons doctors don’t fully understand. It can sometimes be linked to underlying health conditions, making it helpful to have tests done with your GP to rule this out.

The Nuriss difference

Nuriss is a doctor-led clinic with an integrative health approach. We can perform tests to explore reasons for excessive sweating, such as hormonal imbalance. All injectable treatments are performed by doctors and nurses, following strict medical protocols.

How we treat it

Following a consultation, your practitioner will guide you through your treatment journey with a personalised plan, which consists of the following treatment:


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