You may have heard of dry skin brushing – a fad that has taken the western world by storm in recent times. It only takes about five minutes, costs next to nothing and is not only good for your skin, but for your whole body – inside and out!
Dry skin brushing, though only gaining popularity in the US and UK in recent years, is actually an ancient cleansing technique stemming from a 5,000-year-old healing science from India called Ayurveda. Its benefits range from ridding the body of dead skin cells and eliminating toxins to increasing circulation and massaging the lymphatic system.
Keen to try it yet? Here is our beginner’s guide to dry skin brushing from the experts at London skincare and wellness centre, Nuriss.
1. Use a natural brush (non-synthetic) with a long handle and strip off your clothes. It’s a good idea to stand either in the shower or on a tiled floor because dead skin cells will fall off!
2. Start brushing from the feet up – the idea is to always brush towards your heart. Use long, sweeping motions, from the feet, up the legs, torso, buttocks, back and arms.
3. Brush a few times in each area, overlapping the strokes.
4. Even the sensitive areas like your inner thighs and breasts should be brushed, but be gentle.
5. Have a shower. If you can vary the temperature from quite cold to quite warm, it will further stimulate your circulation.
6. Pat your skin dry and moisturise, preferable with coconut oil or another natural oil.
7. If you have time, try dry skin brushing twice a day for a few weeks to see if you notice the benefits.
8. Clean your brush at least once a week with soap and water and let it dry in a sunny area like a windowsill.
The benefits
1. Dry skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, which eliminates waste products from the body’s cells.
2. It exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores, leaving your skin fresh and glowing.
3. It increases circulation to the skin, encouraging waste elimination.
4. It can decrease cellulite by softening hard fat deposits below the skin.
5. Its meditative massage-type qualities can reduce stress, calm the mind and relieve muscle tension.
6. It can even aid digestion and support organ function by massaging the lymph nodes, which helps the body get rid of excess water and toxins.
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