Profhilo Protocol

A multilayered approach to stimulating collagen remodelling, using pioneering Profhilo injections. A naturally derived ‘bioremodelling’ treatment, using micro injections to deliver high molecular weight and low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid, in a pure form into the skin, allowing instant hydration and deep dermal collagen production. Our solution to effective, natural skin remodelling.

The Nuriss difference

We pair Profhilo injections with Radiofrequency because we understand that they each maximise the effects of one another.

Essential Information

Before the treatment

A patch test is required prior to the treatment. Prescription retinol must be stopped 48 hours before the treatment.

The protocol

Double cleanse

Skin analysis

Bio aesthetic points are injected with Profhilo


Take Home Revive Active Beauty Complex

Recommended for: Everyone. This has preventive benefits as well as helping to actively treat and rejuvenate your skin. Dull skin, fine lines, skin slackening, visible pores, wrinkles and dehydrated skin can benefit..

Benefits: Deep collagen stimulation, superficial hydration, improved skin texture and elasticity, enhanced lifting, skin tightening and radiance.

Frequency: We recommend that our Profhilo protocol is undertaken at intervals of 4-6 weeks. Two treatments are recommended initially and a maintenance schedule will be personalised to your needs.

Duration: 60 minutes

Aftercare and downtime: Moderate to Intense. Redness and sensitivity will occur directly after the treatment and will take 4-7 days to resolve. After which time, the skin will be tight and may flake for several days. Daily SPF is essential. Prescription retinol and exfoliation must be avoid for 1 week after treatment.

Need to know: Results are typically apparent within 1-2week of treatment, deeper change is visible in approximately 12 weeks. This treatment is known to be moderately uncomfortable. We can apply topical anaesthesia prior to treatment to address this. Bring sunglasses to wear when you leave and we advise going home immediately afterwards. It is preferable not to apply heavy make-up immediately following the treatment.

Optional Add-Ons: Collagen Catalyst IV Drip


What is Profhilo?

an injectable treatment that is both preventative and corrective in combating the signs of ageing.  It is classified as a ‘bioremodelling’ agent , thanks to its ability to not only intensely hydrate the skin but it also stimulates collagen remodelling at the level of your fibroblast cells.

It consists of two types of naturally derived Hyaluronic acid, high molecular weight and low molecular weight, allowing both a deep dermal treatment and superficial epidermal treatment.


How does Profhilo work?

The treatment works by engaging the collagen making cell receptors to induce the stimulation of collagen which is the protein that strengthens our skin and gives it structure.  Unlike dermal fillers, Profhilo does not change the facial structure.

Profhilo is injected uniformly into the superficial subcutaneous layer of skin and the product disperses within 24 hours. Treatment with Profhilo restores hydration and increases collagen production to give a youthfulness that no other injectable can.  The most popular areas to be treated are the face, neck, hands and décolleté.


Treatment summary:

Treatment time: 30 minutes per area

Pain management: Numbing cream can be applied if needed

Downtime: there may be redness, bruising and bumpiness for a few days

Time to see results: 2-3 weeks

Treatments needed: 2 sessions, 1 month part. Repeated at 6 months. Maintenance treatments may be recommended


How much does Profhilo cost?

Price: £1000 for a course of 2 treatments per area (2ml of Profhilo is used per treatment)



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