Acne and Breakouts

Acne is a common inflammatory skin disease caused when pores get blocked with sebum (oil), old skin cells and bacteria. Triggers are often hormonal, meaning those going through puberty or pregnancy are more prone to breakouts than others.

Most people will have occasional breakouts, whereas others will have much more severe outbreaks. It is vital to treat acne effectively and as early as possible to prevent scarring.

The Nuriss difference

We offer a thorough approach to treating acne, with a strong view that the skin’s bacterial levels and microbiome are closely connected to your gut health and hormone balance. We also perform scans to understand the key areas of weakness in the skin, and design a home care regimen to support your goals.

How we treat it

Following a consultation, your practitioner will guide you through your treatment journey with a personalised plan, which may consist of one of the following treatments:


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