Skin Tightening Protocol

The ideal solution to crepey, lax body skin using FDA-approved Exilis Elite dual radiofrequency and ultrasound technology. This painless treatment offers convincing results on the knees, décolletage, upper arms and any skin slackening due to ageing, weight loss or pregnancy.

The Nuriss difference

Whilst we understand that good exercise and nutrition is vital to any body maintenance programme, it is only through deep collagen stimulation that the skin can spring back and regain much of its firmness. This makes our Skin Tightening Protocol ideal for clients wishing to maintain resilient body skin as they age, in addition to those seeking to address existing concerns.

Recommended for: Loss of firmness and density, weight loss, post-pregnancy and sun damage. Saggy knees, elbows, lax upper arms and crepey décolletage.

Benefits: Firmer, tighter more resilient skin.

Frequency: We recommend that the Tightening Protocol is performed every 1- 2 weeks for 6 treatments for an intensive skin firming boost. We suggest maintenance treatments every 3 months.

Duration: 60 minutes (pending on body areas treated)

Aftercare and downtime: None.

Discomfort level: The feeling of this treatment is like a hot stone massage

Need to know: The Tightening Protocol is an excellent adjunct to our Sculpting Protocol to support skin firmness in response to fat loss. Hair needs to be removed from areas to be treated. No patch test is required.

Cost: ££

Recommeded for

Loss of firmness and density, weight loss, post-pregnancy, sun damage, saggy knees, saggy elbows, lax upper arms and crepey décolletage.

60 minutes


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