Uneven Pigmentation

Uneven pigmentation or dark patches can appear on the skin for a number of reasons. Factors such as age, hormones, inflammation and sun exposure can all be triggers.

Once uneven pigmentation appears on the skin it can often be difficult to treat. But we offer the latest innovative pigmentation treatments to target dark blemishes, leaving you with a brighter, clearer and more even-looking complexion.

The Nuriss difference

Our pigmentation protocols are bespoke. Most clinics only treat the visible pigmentation – but because pigmentation is made in the deeper skin layers, it is essential that this layer is targeted too.

We combine both superficial and deep-acting treatments with our bespoke pigmentation protocols. Our experts offer medical-grade treatment solutions that work to naturally break-down pigment, without the use of bleaching agents or other harsh products. And as part of our integrated health approach, we also offer intravenous drip supplements, with nutrients such as glutathione and vitamin C that help to stabilise skin pigmentation.

How we treat it

Following a consultation, your practitioner will guide you through your treatment journey with a personalised plan, which may consist of one of the following treatments:


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