Stretch Marks

To understand why we get stretch marks, it is helpful to refer to skin anatomy and its three main layers: the epidermis (outer) layer, the dermis (middle) layer – where stretch marks occur – and the subcutaneous stratum (inner) layer. The dermis helps skin retain its shape, so when it is continually stretched, the small connective fibres within the skin begin to break down, causing the skin to lose its elasticity. This leads to scar tissue in the skin. Any process that causes the skin to stretch suddenly – puberty, pregnancy, weight gain, hormonal fluctuations – can all be triggers.

The Nuriss difference

At Nuriss we have a multi-targeted approach to tackling stretch marks, using Exilis Elite radiofrequency and ultrasound technology plus medical-grade microneedling and deep mesotherapy. This combination therapy visibly reduces stretch marks caused by pregnancy, puberty or weight gain.

We understand the efficacy of radiofrequency to treat stretch marks, yet take this technology a step further by complementing it with microneedling and deep mesotherapy to enhance collagen remodelling from within. This is the most comprehensive approach to addressing the notoriously difficult-to-treat issue of stretch marks.

How we treat it

Following a consultation, your practitioner will guide you through your treatment journey with a personalised plan, which may consist of one of the following treatments:


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