Intravenous Drips

We offer bespoke IV drips which deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream to support collagen production, improve skin function, enhance wellbeing and boost metabolism.

The Nuriss difference

We advocate IV drips because we understand that they maximise your aesthetic results more effectively than taking oral supplements. We know that collagen stimulating face and body treatments work best when they are supported internally with the correct nutrients. We also know that our Sculpting Protocol and Cellulite Protocol work more effectively when supported with internally-administered nutrients that enhance fat burning and elimination of toxins.

40 minutes (to be undertaken during a treatment protocol or Nutritionist Consult)

Need to know

Our IV drips are administered by experienced doctors or nurse practitioners. They are vegan friendly, GMO and gluten free. The bespoke IV drip is administered only after blood analysis to determine your needs. When administered directly into the bloodstream, nutrients are rapidly infused into the circulation and utilised swiftly.

IV Drip Menu


A potent blend of personalised nutrients selected according to needs, including amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. We can tailor drips to support energy, mood, immune function, skin and hair health and sports performance.

Optional add on IV Drips with face and body treatments:

Collagen Catalyst

Designed to aid collagen production to include
vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, selenium, amino acids and collagen boosting peptides. The perfect add on drip to be administered during your skin boosting treatments.

Metabolic Boost

A blend of nutrients to supercharge the metabolism, including micronutrients magnesium, zinc, selenium, methionine, lysine, choline and L-carnitine to boost mitochondrial health and fat cell breakdown. The perfect add on drip to be administered during your body boosting treatments.

Booster Shots


Perfect for those wanting to supercharge their facial and body treatments. Glutathione is our ‘master’ antioxidant that boosts over 300 beneficial enzymes processes in the body. Benefits include skin brightening, pigment stabilising, energy boosting and immune boosting.

Vitamin B12

This multitasking, energy boosting vitamin shot has clinically proven immune boosting, mood boosting and energy boosting benefits.


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