Ultherapy® Protocol

We have selected FDA approved Ultherapy to target the deep structural support of the skin to elicit a significant gradual and lasting lifting effect.

Using precise, micro-focused ultrasound waves, clinically proven Ultherapy does not disrupt the skin’s surface, yet works deeply and stimulates new collagen and elastin. We believe in the preventative merits of this protocol to support collagen in the skin, so that the dermis retains firmness and elasticity with age.

The protocol:

  • Prescription Analgesia
  • Decree cleanse
  • Skin analysis
  • Ultherapy 

The Nuriss difference

We believe in the proven merits of Ultherapy and use our thorough consultation process to identify those individuals who would most benefit from this gold-standard firming treatment. Our treatments are performed only by doctors and nurses with a sound understanding of skin anatomy.

The treatment times starts at 120 minutes per zone, with minimal downtime. Mild flushing may be apparent for a few hours and some tenderness to the touch over the following few days.

Essential information

Ultherapy is deeply effective in one treatment and results last 12 months, making it a great once yearly treatment as part of your skin age managment programme. It is considered to be moderately uncomfortable.

After the treatment

Clients cannot drive for 24 hours following the procedure, if they have had sedation or strong pain relief.


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