Hormone Analysis

A detailed consultation with our Bio-identical hormone specialist to analyse how your hormone profile could be impacting your general health and ageing of your skin. Following this, a closely monitored bespoke programme of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) is devised to replace and rebalance your levels.

The Nuriss difference

We understand the role of hormone health when it comes to internal wellbeing and healthy skin. We uniquely offer hormone analysis in-house and our hormone specialists work synergistically with our aesthetic team to ensure your treatment plan is bespoke and works both internally and externally.

Recommended for

SKIN: Acne, thinning and dry skin, increased facial hair, cholasma (hyperpigmentation caused by hormonal imbalance), loss of skin firmness, weight gain, cellulite.

GENERAL: Low mood, insomina, Perimenopause, PMT, Menopause.

60 Minutes

Need to know

Our Hormone health consult is designed specifically to understand how your hormone balance influences and supports your health and skin goals. Should we identify that your hormones are impacting your wider systemic health and wellbeing, we can work with our network of experts to rebalance your hormones.


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