Cellulite looks like lumps or dimples in the skin that is commonly compared to orange peel. It can affect both men and women, though women more commonly encounter it due to the different distributions of fat, muscle, and tissue afforded to them. Between 80 and 90 percent of women are prone to developing cellulite, but despite it being so common and so natural it still causes a lot of people anxiety. Can you remove and treat cellulite, and are there any ways to prevent it?


Why women are more prone than men to developing cellulite

Male and female skin composition differs greatly. The causes of cellulite aren’t entirely known, but it appears to result from an interaction between the connective tissue in the superficial layer of skin and the layer of fat beneath it. In women, these fat cells and connective tissue are arranged vertically. In men, the tissue has a thatched criss-cross structure, possibly indicating why cellulite is less common for them. The layer of fat pushes through the vertical tissue in women’s skin, whereas it may be more contained in male skin.

How to treat cellulite

There are a few ways of treating cellulite, including questionable home remedies, surgical methods, and more reliable skin clinic treatments. Here at Nuriss, we use the non-invasive Unison Cellulite treatment that is the most advanced alternative to invasive surgery currently available. It works by tightening the loose skin and removing stubborn fat in the treatment area to produce results in just a few treatments. This treatment works by using radio frequency and ultrasound technology delivered by a handheld device that is gently moved over your treatment area and heats it to 43 degrees. This temperature breaks down the fat, reduces scar tissue, and helps build smoother surface skin by boosting collagen production. The broken-down fat is flushed away by the increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage, resulting in smoother and firmer skin with reduced cellulite.

Treatment results

Our skin professionals would always recommend a course of treatments to produce the best results, especially if your treatment area is large. You could see visible results after just a few sessions with our team of specialists. You may encounter some swelling and redness immediately after your treatment, but this should subside after around 24 hours and you’re able to return to work immediately after your appointment. We find many people who are seeking a little tightening and smoothing of the skin opt for this treatment instead of surgery because it still delivers exceptional results without the need for extended recovery time and significant investment.

How to prevent cellulite

While cellulite is incredibly common and is present in both in-shape and out-of-shape people, there are some ways you can help prevent cellulite from developing. Regular exercise can help prevent or reduce cellulite through the stretching and strengthening of the surface layer of skin and burning away excessive fat beneath it. Weight-baring exercise is typically a great way to prevent it because firming and toning the muscles will appear to tighten the skin, making it less prevalent. What you should try to avoid, however, is topical creams available on the high-street that claim to flush out toxin and firm the skin. No topical creams have been shown to permanently reduce the appearance of cellulite, and it is not caused by toxins that some creams claim to remove from your skin. Really, the best prevention methods are strength-training or weight-bearing exercises mixed in with a healthy lifestyle.
Begin your cellulite removal treatment this winter to heighten your chances of seeing your desired results by summer. Treat the stomach, arms, thighs, and buttocks with non-surgical skin tightening treatments with Nuriss in London. Speak to a member of staff on 0203 971 9031 to book your initial consultation.