“A Jade roller is a must-have in your skincare routine”
These devices have been inspired by ancient Chinese beauty rituals, used for their healing energy. Centuries later, Jade rollers are hot topics in the beauty world, but do we really need these in our skincare routines and is there any evidence to support their use ?
A jade roller is a handheld device that holds a smooth jade stone. As we have discovered, many of the devices out there don’t contain a real jade stone. Often a cheaper stone is dyed to look like jade. Whilst this may seem deceitful it is not a huge issue, as there are no proven skin benefits of using a jade stone on the skin in the first place.  The brands selling these devices make claims that the stones can detoxify, reduce dark circles and even boost collagen. Many of these claims are attributed to the tool’s massaging action, which supposedly helps improve lymphatic drainage and circulation. Whilst I agree that any form of roller device could temporarily help lymphatic drainage, the benefits that are claimed really don’t make any anatomical or physiological sense. On the other side of the coin, excessive massaging of the skin can actually overstimulate circulation and even trigger off swelling exacerbating such issues as sensitive skin, rosacea, or thread veins. Another myth is that jade rollers can help to ‘push’ ingredients into your skin so that they absorb better. Sadly, there is nothing about a jade roller that can help your skin care products penetrate any better than applying them with your finger tips. Absorption of skincare depends on the molecular size of the ingredients in the products and the delivery systems used within the formulations. Some ingredients, like hyaluronic Acidare needed on skin’s surface to boost epidermal barriers health and hydrate the skin. Antioxidants protect against the collagen depleting UV rays, pollution and environmental stressors and have both superficial and deep skin benefits. As you apply a good quality antioxidant product it provides skin benefits as it passes and penetrates  deeper into the dermal layers. Other nutrients such as stem cells, growth factors, peptides and retinol must be absorbed more deeply to work their magic in the skin. A well-formulated skincare regimen delivers the nutrients the skin needs, layer by layer, treating both the superficial and deep skin layers. No special application tool is needed, the cleverly designed formulations do this for you.
Do I think Jade rollers are a waste of time? Absolutely not. I am all for using gadgets that encourage people to take better care of their skin. If by using the roller you are more likely to follow your morning and night skincare regimen, by all means the tools will do no harm, if used gently on the skin. Jade rollers can feel nice and refreshing and can improve compliance with a consistent daily routine.
Dr AJ Sturnham