Lymphastim Therapy

Stimulate your lymphatic system to aid detoxification and
support muscle repair.

Whether you are recovering from a stressful week or simply want to detoxify the body, Lymphastim works by using medical grade pressotherapy, delivered once immersed into the Lymphastim body suit. The chambers within the bodysuit use air pressure systems, alternating between compression and decompression, which helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and aid detoxification and muscle repair.

The Nuriss Difference

We understand the efficacy of Pressotherapy boost muscle recovery and to detoxify. We can enhance the benefits of this treatment by combining with Metabolic boosting IV drips, to support mitochondrial health (our cellular powerhouses) and to provide muscle with the essential mineral and amino acid building blocks needed for more rapid repair.

Recommended For:

Relaxation, detoxification, water retention and cellulite and is also beneficial post personal training session / workout recovery


Muscle recovery, detoxification, muscular pain relief, reducing water retention, heavy legs syndrome, post liposuction recovery


We recommend that the Lymphastim Protocol is performed every week for a minimum of 6 treatments see best results.


30 minutes

Aftercare and downtime:

No downtime

Discomfort Level:


Need to Know:

Lymphastim is used by professional athletes post workout and events to speed up rate of muscle recovery and repair.

Lymphastim can also be performed at the same time as our Nuriss facials.


£200 per treatment
£1000 for course of 6