We’ve all heard of the many miracle cures and home remedies that claim to rid us of cellulite. There is so much information out there about the frustrating skin dimples that it can become overwhelming and difficult to separate fact from fiction. London’s expert skincare clinic, Nuriss, which specialises in cellulite and other skincare treatments, busts the top 10 myths about cellulite…
‘If I was naturally thin, I wouldn’t have cellulite’
Wrong! Even supermodels aren’t immune to cellulite (despite what they may tell you!). Whether you are skinny, fit, athletic, curvy or obese, you are still susceptible to cellulite. Of course, age and weight gain can enhance the skin dimples, but your natural body type cannot.
‘If I lose weight, I will cure my cellulite’
Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Cellulite is caused by damaged connective tissue, not fat, which means losing weight won’t erase it. The best way to reduce its appearance is by building up the muscles on your thighs with weight training. Use a weight bar to do squats and lunges and you should see a difference over time as your leg muscles increase. Nuriss’s non-surgical Cellulite Fade-Away Treatment works well alongside that to minimise cellulite, by tightening loose skin, firming the body and removing stubborn fat.
‘It’s my mum’s fault I have cellulite’
Cut her some slack! Genetics may play a role in whether you are susceptible to cellulite or not, but it’s not entirely your mum’s fault. Maybe it comes from your dad’s side! Just kidding – you can’t necessarily blame him either. There are a number of factors that increase your chances of developing cellulite, including hormones, stress, bad eating habits, weight fluctuation, low levels of exercise, and just pure, unfortunate bad luck, frankly.
‘It’s just excess fat’
Cellulite is affected more by the connective tissues between your muscles and skin than by the amount of fat in your body. That means weight loss might help reduce its appearance, but can never rid your body of it. There are a number of factors that contribute to the appearance of cellulite, including age, fluctuating weight and stress.
‘A miracle cream will fix it!’
If only! Cellulite occurs below the skin, so while some of these “magic” creams can temporarily tighten skin using caffeine or similar ingredients, it will not actually cure your cellulite.
‘Liposuction is the only way to get rid of cellulite’
Wrong again. For a long time, the invasive procedure of surgical liposuction was the only way to get rid of cellulite. But now, you can opt for the Cellulite Fade-Away Treatment available at Nuriss, which is a non-surgical skin heating treatment that takes less than an hour per session.

Cellulite Fade-Away Treatment

‘Only old people have cellulite’
We don’t want to scare you, but cellulite can appear at any age. However, as your skin elasticity depletes over time, cellulite does appear worse the older you get.
‘Men don’t have cellulite’
Men actually aren’t immune to cellulite, but it is far less common in males than females, which doesn’t seem fair! Males have stronger connective tissue and build muscles more easily than females, meaning their skin is better at holding in fat and hiding cellulite.
‘Tanning reduces cellulite’
Not only is this incorrect, it can actually increase cellulite in the long run. This myth came about because tanning on a sunbed can make cellulite less visible, but that is only temporary. Using a solarium can actually make cellulite develop quicker and much worse than it otherwise would have.
‘Cellulite is unavoidable’
It might sound like that, but we’re not all doomed! To keep cellulite at bay, aim to maintain a consistent weight, exercise regularly (making sure to include squats and lunges with a weight bar in in your training), and eat healthy and nutritious food. And if you still need a little help, look into Nuriss’s Cellulite Fade-Away Treatment.
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