‘Hi! My name is Kirra Jones, I model full time internationally but am based out of London. I adore everything about skincare, health and well-being. I’m passionate about life and living mine to the fullest.’

Why did you decide to go on a Skincare Adventure with the Nuriss clinic?

‘I decided to go on the adventure with Nuriss because I’ve only heard amazing things about the clinic and I’ve been looking for a perfect place to get advice on the facial treatments my skin needs. I also would love to share my Nuriss Skincare Adventure with my followers along the way.’

Nuriss believes that outer beauty begins with inner wellness. Can you tell us what ‘inner wellness’ means to you?

‘Inner wellness is something that I believe to be extremely important for not only your skincare but for everything your body desires and needs to be functioning at its full potential.
I achieve my inner wellness by eating a healthy and balanced diet and taking daily supplements.
I also believe that happiness and mental clarity are a huge factor of my inner wellness and many things help me achieve this such as daily workouts, time with friends and family or even reading a book for 10 mins before bed!’

What are your skincare challenges at the moment?

‘I’ve been very blessed with good genes but just like anyone else I have plenty of little insecurities I would love to treat on my face! The biggest problem being I have a lot of pigmentation around my nose and chin from previous spots and scars from when I had chicken pox as a child.
I would also love to somehow reduce or fully clear the burst capillaries around the corners of my nose.’

Please share with us the five skincare products you can’t live without…

‘My favourite five, right now, would be:
– Lamer treatment lotion,
– Kora organics moisturiser,
– The organic pharmacy hyaluronic acid serum,
– Beauty Chef’s Cleanse Powder (I’m obsessed with this product)!